The SETT Framework

At the Universal Design Lab, we absolutely love the work of Dr. Joy Zabala. Specifically, we have been working very hard using her Student, Environment, Tasks, and Tools (SETT) Framework. Thankfully, were able to spend four magical days hosting Joy here in Portland, thinking about the SETT, presenting, and working in the field a bit too. What we learned from that experience is hard to quantify, but fortunately, we have been working on a number of papers that capture elements of the experience and also demonstrate what we have put into practice with our research.

To learn more about the SETT Framework, I recommend starting with one of the original abstracts. Then you can quickly move through some of the great Closing the Gap articles including the following that you can find from

Ready, SETT, Go! download
SETT and ReSETT: Concepts for AT implementation
SETTing up staff and supporters to promote student achievement