May AAC Social Get Together at Gabriel Park

The AAC Social Get Together on May 4th, 2019 at Gabriel Park was a successful gathering of a total of 50 adults with complex communication needs, families and their children learning to use AAC, and a range of other people interested in AAC.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the graduate students working with the uLab did a wonderful job organizing a range of fun activities, including some design work around the destination accessible playground that will be on the site where the event was held. For those interested in the design process, uLab team members Dr. Sam Sennott and Linda Akagi are on the advisory committee, and there will be an open house coming up later this month:

Gabriel Park Playground Open House #2

Wednesday, May 22, 6pm – 8pm, Southwest Community Center Lobby, 6820 SW 45th Avenue
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We look forward to the June Get Together at the Oregon Zoo on 6/1/19. You can RSVP for the Get Togethers at