Brazil Communication Kids Project

Brazil Communication Kids Project


1. Develop augmentative and alternative communication systems for individual children with Congenital Zika Syndrome near Salvador, Brazil.
2. Develop a communication resource kit that includes a resource guide, kids augmentative and alternative communication book, storybooks, song boards, and toys.
3. Increase family members’ knowledge and skill in using communication supports for their children with Congenital Zika Syndrome..
4. Coach student speech therapy interns to provide direct communication intervention to children with complex communication needs..
5. Determine the feasibility and acceptability of a distance based collaboration.


Intervention sessions, video conference case collaborations, data analysis and reporting.
Develop a communication resource kit in collaboration with community partners in Brazil that includes:
-Communication intervention guide
-Materials resource guide
-Communication boards
-Song boards
-Intervention storybook set


In 2015, Zika virus spread throughout South America, with Brazil at the center with the most cases of Zika. Within a few months doctors in Brazil began seeing a connection between Zika virus and a birth defect called microcephaly, a condition that is characterized by smaller head size, which can lead to many deficits in motor and intellectual abilities of the child. In 2016, much was publicized about the virus and microcephaly as the Olympics began in Brazil, but nothing was said about how to help the children. Today, in 2017, much has been forgotten about the children in Brazil, with many of the children with microcephaly nearing 12 months of age, not much hope has been given to their families for future independence. These children have many medical needs, but they also have communication needs.