Current Projects


UEB Prep Project

Teaching individuals braille through an interactive and social platform.

AAC Immersion Project: Angelman Syndrome

Evaluating the impact of communication partner coaching in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) intervention.

Assistive Technology Emerging Leaders Project

Increasing assistive technology competence among proviers through training and mentorship from national experts.

Brazil Communication Kids Project

Developing a culturally appropriate AAC system and communication resource kit for children in Brazil affected by Zika Syndrome.


Past Projects


3T Project

Combining Teaching, Techonolgy, and Theory to support implementation of assistive technologies for students with complex communication needs.

The Shared Reading Project

Providing materials and coaching for a more inclusive shared reading time.

Modeler Project: Mode, Encourage, Respond

A Strategy instructional pakage based on AAC Modeling and AAC Immersion.



Articles, Chapters, Books, and Presentations from our community.